Monday, March 07, 2005


La Revolución del Cedro

Y no es solo la revolución del Cedro (miles de libaneses salieron a la calle a protestar la ocupación Siria en su país y el asesinato del primer ministro a manos de terroristas financiados por Siria); el presidente Mubarak en Egipto también anunció reformas en la constitución para permitir elecciones multipartidistas. Las elecciones en Irak han causado algo tremendo en Medio Oriente, pese al escepticismo de muchos y la sesgada oposición de algunos (movida por un agrio anti-americanismo). Y es que muy probablemente George Bush sea recordado como uno de los más grandes presidentes norteamericanos de los últimos tiempos. Aquí un artículo que tomé del blog del Opinador Compulsivo, escrito por un socialista americano. Vale la pena leerlo:

So here's something I've been thinking about lately: What if President Bush ends up being remembered by history as a great President?

What if the Neocons were right about the Middle East, that it was at a tipping point just waiting for someone to give it a shove toward the modern world? What if Iraq really was the key? What if, in the next couple of years, Iraq achieves some kind of stable political self-determination, Lebanon regains its independence from Syria, and everyday Palestinians decide they want peace more than they want to cling to self-destructive points of pride? What if, as part of the bargain, the encouraged youth of Iran rise up and overthrow the mullahs, Egypt holds some real elections, and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad departs under cover of darkness for a long, wealthy, embittered exile?

What if, at the end of his term, President Bush has by force of his own will transformed the Arab World into something modern, a region ready to make a run at joining the 21st Century?

History isn't good with details. If the Mideast takes a great leap forward, history won't remember how many American soldiers died or whether the President and his crowd fudged the facts in leading the country to war. (Franklin Roosevelt, of course, fudged a bit, too, in edging the U.S. toward World War II, and no one remembers that because World War II was a war that brought such good results.) All history will remember is that a quarter of the world changed wildly for the better, and that it happened because of the President's will.

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